Stretch marks are unsightly tears in the skin, and they are caused by pregnancy, sudden weight gain or weight loss, growth spurts, and certain medications. However, knowing how to get rid of stretch marks is actually a lot harder than you might expect, and it is nigh impossible to completely get rid of them.

If you are interested in learning how to get rid of your stretch marks, read on to find a few tips that can help you treat the stretch marks as much as possible:

Tips #1 Get Some Exercise

One of the best ways to get rid of stretch marks is to do exercise. Doing exercise helps you to build and tone your muscles, which in turn helps to make your skin much firmer. The stretch marks won’t completely disappear, but they will be much less visible when your muscles fill out the skin beneath them.

how to get rid of stretch marksDoing exercise also helps to prevent stretch marks from appearing in the future, as the exercise that you do helps to improve your body’s circulation. The improved circulation means that your skin gets more of the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and elastic, and thus stretch marks will be much less likely to form.

Tips #2 Dietary Improvements

If you want to get rid of stretch marks, changing your dietary habits is a great way to do so. Eating foods that help to promote the healthy growth of tissue is one of the best ways to stop stretch marks from forming in the first place, and it will help them to heal as much as possible.

Food that is rich in Vitamin C is necessary, as vitamin C is an important antioxidant that will keep your skin young and healthy. Vitamin C can help the body to produce more collagen, which is one of the two nutrients needed by the skin in order to remain elastic and young.

It is recommended that those trying to get rid of stretch marks should take Vitamin C supplements, but getting more Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and zinc in your diet can help to prevent stretch marks and make the ones you have disappear as much as possible.

Taking glycolic acid along with Vitamin C can double the effectiveness of both supplements, as they work together to help the skin produce more collagen that builds up the tissues of the skin. By combining a healthy diet with exercise, you increase the chances of getting rid of stretch marks.

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Tips #3 Creams and Lotions

There are many excellent creams, lotions, oils, and other products that can help you to get rid of stretch marks, such as:


  • Cocoa butter – Cocoa butter is a powerful moisturizer that will keep the skin fresh and young.


  • Retinoids – Retinoids help to increase the production of elastic and collagen in the skin.


  • Topical tretinoin – Topical tretinoin is a medicated cream that you can reduce the size and lighten stretch marks by increasing the reconstruction of the tissues by the collagen in the skin. It needs to be applied within the first few weeks after the marks appear, but it should be avoided by pregnant women.


  • Vitamin E – Any cream containing vitamin E will be incredibly beneficial for those trying to get rid of stretch marks. Vitamin E is effective at penetrating the skin at the cellular level, and the vitamin helps the skin cells to reproduce and rebuild as effectively as possible.


  • Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is a plant that is incredibly effective at helping the skin cells to rebuild themselves, and any cream or lotion that contains aloe will be effective at helping to eliminate stretch marks.


  • Shea Butter – Shea butter is like cocoa butter, as it contains a good deal of Vitamins A, C, and E. Applying it to your stretch marks is one of the best ways to get rid of them.

Tips #4 Surgeries and Treatments

Microdermabrasion is one method of stretch mark removal to consider. The way this treatment works is by blowing tiny crystals in contact with the skin in order to polish the skin’s surface. The dead or old skin cells are removed along with the crystals, and the new skin cells are able to grow in new and fresh in their place. This works to get rid of stretch marks that are older.

There are a number of surgeries and laser treatment options as well. Vascular laser treatment helps to reduce the redness of stretch marks, while fractioned laser deals with old stretch marks. Pulsed dye laser treatment is best for new stretch marks, and both it and fractional photothermolysis deal with the underlying skin layers.

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