What can you do about stretch marks once they overtake your stomach, arms, thighs, or another part of your body?

The following four stretch mark removal tips will give you the most effective options, starting with the least invasive and moving up to more extreme measures…

1. Add stretch mark creams, lotions, or gels a part of your daily grooming routine.

If you are pregnant, start lifting weights, or take other actions that you fear will result in the development of stretch marks, you can start using these products before the marks actually develop. You can also use these products if you fear your stretch marks will become more prominent as your body goes through these changes.

If your stretch marks have already developed, consistent use of high quality stretch mark creams, lotions, or gels can gradually fade the marks so they are not as easily seen. Read the active ingredients in each product you consider using. Make sure that all active ingredients have some proven capability of lightening stretch marks.

2. Keep your skin well hydrated and nourished.

This applies directly and indirectly. Directly hydrate and nourish your skin through oils and lotions that contain vitamin E and other nourishing ingredients. Indirectly hydrate and nourish your skin by taking a high quality multivitamin each day, consuming a nutrient-dense diet, and drinking adequate amounts of water. Some drinks, such as green tea, can be nourishing and hydrating for your skin as well. Healthy, well hydrated skin is less likely to scar and will heal faster when other measures are applied to remove stretch marks.

3. Exfoliate your skin at home or through microdermabrasion treatments.

You can purchase exfoliation products or make your own using baking soda, oatmeal, and other ingredients known to clean away the top layers of the skin effectively. The goal is to take away the dead skin cells so the remaining skin is fresh and healthy. This is one proven way to lighten the appearance of stretch marks without waiting for lotions, creams, and gels to work their magic over time.

You can find a local professional offering microdermabrasion treatments if you find home exfoliation less than satisfactory. These treatments are a more aggressive form of exfoliation that can lead to a lighter appearance of your stretch marks instantly.

4. Schedule a chemical peel, laser treatment, or a tummy tuck.

These procedures are more aggressive, but they can also be more rewarding if you seek instant gratification. A chemical peel will essentially peel away some of the damaged skin so you are left with smoother, softer, healthier skin that may not feature your stretch marks as prominently. Laser treatments can affect the skin in a variety of ways, and some will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin for the long term health of your skin. A tummy tuck can tuck away the scars so they are not seen outwardly.

What measures are you willing to take to get rid of your stretch marks? Try some of these measures and see what results you can obtain…

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