When you’re pregnant, your body begins to change in many ways. Some of those changes are frustrating and unwanted. Often along with the trips to the bathroom, morning sickness, backaches and extreme fatigue, you’ll also find yourself encountering stretch marks during pregnancy…

While most women expect to find stretch marks on their abdomen, many don’t expect the stretch marks that often occur on the breasts, buttocks and thighs.

The weight gain that occurs while you are pregnant is what usually causes stretch marks during pregnancy. In some cases, women are more likely to deal with these stretch marks if they are genetically predisposed to developing them. Certain hormones excreted during pregnancy can also increase the development of these marks.If you want to avoid having a stomach that looks like a map of the moon, it’s a good idea to work on preventing those stretch marks before they develop. You may not be able to prevent all stretch marks during pregnancy, but the right preventative measures can reduce the amount of marks that develop.

stretch marks during pregnansyEating healthy meals to keep weight gain to a minimum is one method of prevention. It’s easy to throw healthy eating to the wind when you’re pregnant. However, proper nutrition is great for your baby and it will help you avoid gaining too much weight.

While you are going through all the stages of pregnancy, you can reduce stretch marks during pregnancy by making sure you moisturize on a regular basis. Since your skin is stretching, you need to keep it elastic, supple, and moist. It will be less likely to tear if you do this. Many women find that using moisturizers that include cocoa butter or shea butter make a big difference.

Even though you carefully follow tips to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy, you still may develop a few. If this occurs, you’ll probably want to find ways to reduce the appearance of the scars after you have your baby. Often just getting back into shape can make a big difference.

Over the counter topical treatments are very popular for treating these marks. Other options include laser treatment and dermabrasion, which are far more expensive than using topical treatments.

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