Stretch marks are a common problem, especially among women who are pregnant. Among pregnant women, stretch marks on stomach are very common.

Of course, stomach stretch marks can occur to others as well and often occur because of weight gain, hormonal fluctuations, or medical problems.

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No matter why you have the stretch marks, you may be uncomfortable with the way that they look. While it’s best to work to prevent them, stretch marks can be treated after they develop as well. If you prefer going the natural route, here are some natural options for preventing and treating stretch marks on stomach…

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stretch marks on stomachCocoa butter is probably one of the most commonly used natural methods or preventing and treating stretch marks that occur on the stomach area. Many women use cocoa butter during pregnancy to help avoid developing the stretch marks. Cocoa butter is made out of a fat that is found in cocoa beans. It helps to keep skin moist and supple, providing better elasticity. It can even help to minimize the appearance of stretch marks on stomach when used on a regular basis.

Another natural treatment to consider to prevent and to treat stomach stretch marks is lavender oil. The oil can be massaged over the affected area to help provide hydration. It also offers the healing power of lavender. Of course, women who are pregnant should talk to their doctor before using these products.


Warm olive oil is a solution used by many people, since it includes healthy fats, provides moisture and helps to improve circulation as well. The great thing about olive oil is that it is easy to find. In fact, many people already have it in their kitchen, making it an easily accessible treatment.

Various other natural treatment options are available for stretch marks on stomach. Castor oil, flax seed oil, cod liver oil, and calendula oil may all be helpful in preventing and treating the stretch marks. Keep in mind that natural treatments are not the only options. Other options that will help to treat stomach stretch marks include laser treatments, chemical peels, topical treatments, and microdermabrasion.


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