No one likes dealing with stretch marks… They seem to show up in the worst places and can make you feel extremely self-conscious. Of course, you may be wondering what causes a stretch mark to appear. What exactly happens to cause those stretch marks?

Here is a look at how these marks form as well as some of the top things that cause stretch marks in the first place…

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Stretch marks are basically scars that occur when the skin has been injured. When skin is not able to stretch the way it should, the fibers of the skin are torn, which causes the scar that we call a stretch mark. Damage occurs in the dermis and we see the result of the scar on the top layer of the skin. Usually these marks end up appearing on the thighs, breasts, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, and hips…

Now that you understand how stretch marks occur, let’s take a look at what causes a stretch mark. One of the main causes of these marks is rapid weight gain or weight loss… Gaining weight can stretch the skin and too much stretching can cause the tears in skin that cause the stretch marks to show up.

You’ll also find that hormones can have an effect if you’re looking at what causes a stretch mark. Whenever steroid hormones are increased in the body, it can lead to changes in the skin. These changes can make skin more prone to epidermal tearing, making it more likely for stretch marks to develop. The hormone changes that occur during puberty and during pregnancy can also lead to stretch marks as well.

In some cases, it appears that genetics may have an impact on whether people are prone to stretch marks. If your parents were susceptible to developing stretch marks, you may end up dealing with them as well.

While there are several answers to the question, “What causes a stretch mark,” you will find that products are available to help treat this problem, no matter the cause. Although it’s best to work to prevent them in the first place, viable treatment options are available to help you reduce the appearance of those marks so you can feel more confident about your body.

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