Stretch marks are difficult to get rid of, and for some people they are permanent markers on the skin. Does this mean you should just stop fighting and accept that your body will forever be flawed due to these marks? Absolutely not! There are some things you can do to dramatically reduce the appearance of your stretch marks, and for most people great results can be obtained with simple creams.

Creams are Accessible

You do not need a doctor’s prescription for most stretch mark creams. You do not need the approval of a cosmetic surgeon or any other medical professional. You can find high quality creams in any drug store, with a larger variety available through the internet.

Creams are Easy to Use

Stretch mark creams need to be rubbed into the skin at least once a day over a long period of time to deliver the best results. You do not have to follow complicated procedures or worry about side effects when you make use of these creams.

Creams are Low Risk

When you go in for surgery or undergo cosmetic procedures, you have to worry about botched surgeries and permanent scars. When you take prescription medications, you have to worry about unpleasant side effects. Over-the-counter stretch mark creams are made with safer ingredients that come with much lower risk of side effects. You should still study up on potential side effects, but your risks are lower with over-the-counter creams.

Creams Nourish the Skin

Many stretch mark creams incorporate a variety of vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin so it is healthier than it was before you used the cream. While reducing the color and prominence of your stretch marks, these creams help create healthy skin that is better able to resist further damage in the future. That is something you are not likely to get through cosmetic or surgical procedures.

Creams are Versatile

Stretch mark creams can be used on virtually any part of the exterior body. You can use them on the underside of your arms, across your abdominals, or on your thighs. If you can easily reach the part of your body affected, then you can safely use a stretch mark cream to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks over time.

If you do not like the idea of allowing a medical professional to cut into your body just to get rid of stretch marks, creams are a safer and more affordable treatment option. There are cosmetic procedures that are minimally invasive and quite effective, but for most people the expense of those procedures is prohibitive. If you do not want to spend thousands of dollars trying to get rid of your stretch marks, do like millions of other people and start with an effective stretch mark cream.

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